YK Osiris Plots Return To Jamaica For Jah Vinci Collab, Vibe Alkaline & Koffee Hits

At this point it’s safe to say the YK Osiris is working for his Jamaican citizenship.

YK Osiris is showing his appreciation to the people of Jamaica as he closes out on his Montego Bay vacation on Thursday. In an Instagram live video, Osiris vibes to Alkaline’s “Ocean Wave” as he shouts “Rastafari”! “Aye listen, take your girl on a Goddamn trip, she don’t want to be in that boring a*s house, take her on a trip,” he invites his followers and other celebrity friends.

Osiris also expresses his love and appreciation for Jamaica and Jamaican people “I’m coming back to Jamaica. I’m doing a video with my people, I love Jamaica, y’all my fellows, yall are Kings and Queens, I love yall so Goddamn much!”

In several posts on his IG Story, YK Osiris says he’ll miss Jamaica while listening to classic hits from Koffee, Wayne Wonder, and Alkaline. He can also be heard displaying his new Patois words, which have moved past just him screaming “Rastafari,” to now being able to tell the hotel staff “likkle more,” which is a typical Jamaican way of telling someone to see them in a few instead of goodbye like other Westerners. His arsenal of Patois words also includes Bumboclaat, a popular Jamaican curse word, Yea mon, Respect, and Bless up- a greeting shared when people meet and part.

YK Osiris also shared videos of him in the airport wearing his blue surgical mask – masks being mandatory for being in public spaces, as he posed with female airport staff members for a selfie while they stand behind a transparent barrier erected to protect staff and visitors from coming in contact with each other.

YK also showed off his fake dreadlocks hat that is a typical tourist souvenir, and promised to bring his family back for visits. He stayed at the charming overwater Bungalows at Sandals Resort in Montego Bay and visited the Black River Safari and Pelican Beach Bar during his vacation.

YK Osiris also hopped on Instagram Live with dancehall star Jah Vinci where they revealed that they have a collaboration in the works. The R&B singer revealed that he is planning to return to Jamaica in a matter of days to possible shoot a music video for that collaboration and maybe work on more new music.