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Aspiring Rapper Spits Bars For NBA YoungBoy’s Mother, Here’s What Happened Next

NBA YoungBoy mother
NBA YoungBoy & Sherhonda Gaulden

One aspiring rapper was brave enough to approach NBA YoungBoy’s mom for an auditioned, but it didn’t go quite as planned.

For many persons, making it as a rapper has and continues to be their ultimate dream. While every year there are at least a few new breakouts, making it in the music industry remains one of the most daunting aspirations one can have. Technological advances in areas such as recording equipment and the internet have significantly increased the chances of building a career for would-be rappers. Yet, those advances are still not greater than connecting with someone already in the entertainment circle. As such, budding rappers have found creative ways to try to showcase their talents, which sometimes includes pitching their best rhymes wherever the opportunity arises.

One young rapper happened to have stumbled upon Sherhonda Gaulden, the mother of NBA Youngboy, while she was pumping gas and decided to try his luck.

“Say you look like that lady that be on Instagram,” the rapper said. “You like YoungBoy momma.”

Gaulden, who was also holding a baby in her hand, seemed pretty annoyed with the approach and denounced being on Instagram. The female comedian recently made headlines for some pretty lewd comments about her cat and just how juicy it is.

The rapper who was videoing the exchange then questions if he’s able to perform and have the video get to her son. Gaulden obliged and gave the rapper the okay to showcase his skills. Sad to say, she didn’t seem too impressed with the performance, especially since the young rapper seems to have forgotten his bars midway his delivery. Gaulden called an end to the mini-audition before promising that her son would definitely see the video.

“Ima send it to him…you went hard, but please don’t do it no more. You did good, and you didn’t mess up. I liked that,” she commented with what could be considered a sarcastic tone and look.

Youngboy’s Never Broke Again label is currently cushioned in the bigger arm of Atlantic Records. Along with Youngboy, the label also boast Georgian rapper Quando Rondo. Youngboy is undoubtedly one of the hottest young rappers in the game, so it’s no surprise that upcoming rappers would do just about anything to get into his circle.