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Tekashi 6x9ine Returns To IG Covered In Tattoo With Long Beard

Tekashi 6ix9ine return to social media after going M.I.A. for months.

Infamous snitch and internet troll Tekashi 6ix9ine has announced his return to the Gram, and he’s sporting a brand new look, a brand new song, and a promise to keep us entertained. “I TOOK ENOUGH TIME OFF TO SHOW YOU THIS INTERNET SH*T IS BORING WITHOUT ME,” the self-proclaimed King of New York stated in all caps. Yet the statement is probably the last you’ll be casting your eyes on, as a shirtless 6ix9ine flashes some new ink and an averagely toned body.

It is also one of the rare times that the rapper is seen without a wig. We guess a colored lace-front would actually not go too well with the thick beard the “GOOBA” rapper is currently sporting. Yet, the perfectly trimmed facial hair has already left many doubting its authenticity.

“Is that a lace beard?? I’m done,” commented one fan. “He better cut that glued on Facial Hair,” trolled another.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been spotted in public numerous times since the release of his less than impressive post-prison album Tattle Tales. In October, he was reportedly rushed to a Florida hospital after a terrible mixture of Hydroxycut weight loss pills and McDonald’s coffee.

Weeks later, the rapper was spotted jogging with his bodyguards in an effort to meet his 150 lbs weight goal, which would permit his return to the Gram. By the looks of it, the rapper was able to work off the extra fat he had developed since his release from prison in April of last year. Fans first got a sneak peek of the rapper’s bushy beard when boxer Gervonta Davis caught him partying at a strip club in Brooklyn, New York.

The more things change, the more they seem to remain the same for 6ix9ine. He recently shared a snippet of his new single set to be released sometime tonight after his 100,000 comment requirement was surpassed within hours. Yet, there doesn’t seem to be too many persons interested in this 2021 comeback. Quite a few persons have shared that the snippet sounds like a clone of all his other tracks.

You can check out 6ix9ine’s return below.