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Nelly Calls St. Lunatics’ Ali Cap, Tells His Side Of The Group’s Story


Nelly has responded to The Lunatics’ Ali statement about him abandoning the group.

On Tuesday, Ali from the hip hop group The Lunatic took to Instagram to air out his issues with former group member Nelly. In the post, he claims Nelly practically abandoned the group after he got a solo record deal. He highlighted that people might call him “childish” for airing his business on social media but made it known that he’s not one to “throw a rock and hide his hand.”

Ali listed himself as the person who started The Lunatics in 1993 and taught the group members to rap, write, and count bars. The standout members of the group include Ali, Nelly, City Spud, Murphy Lee, and Kyjuan. In a move to show just how big of a pull he had, he mentioned an incident where he helped to secure a verse for Nelly. It was for the group’s 1997 track “Gimme What You Got.” Ali made it known that he was the one who fought to have the “Country Grammar” rapper’s verse featured. He also mentioned that a solo deal was offered to him, but he turned it down to remain loyal to the group.

In 1999 Ali said Ma$e’s manager, Cudda showed interest in signing Nelly and City Spud. This was where the group’s first separation began as both left, and he said he feels he was “hustled.” He further revealed that when Nelly got signed to Universal, his manager told him Nelly no longer needed him to write anymore. Ali said, “So you need me to get you here, but now that you’re here ….” I don’t need you anymore “!! ‘I said ok, I’ll stay here and I won’t help him write!!'”

He further went on to say he still helped Nelly, but he received no credit. Nelly got word of Ali’s statement and addressed it in an interview on “What up Doe Radio.” In that sit-down, he refuted most of what Ali said. He claimed when they first started “The Lunatic’s”, Ali was not in the group as a rapper.

Nelly also said that Cudda chose to sign him, not the group, yet he refused to go through with it until the other members were given a deal as well. According to Nelly, it was never about the money, which is why he brought the group on tour with him. “I would a been not taking them on tour, cause you add no value to my tour,” he said. The “Hot In Here” rapper said that Ali was the only one who didn’t make it to St Louis for the 20th anniversary of “Country Grammar.”

It seems like there is much “bad blood” between these two. Let’s see how it plays out in the next few days.