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50 Cent Cancels Floyd Mayweather Fight After Mayweather Up The Stakes

50 Cent has seemingly backed out of Floyd Mayweather fight.

Mayweather is willing to go head to head with 50 Cent in the ring, but seems Fifty is not up for it. The longstanding rivalry between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has spawned some entertaining bouts over the years but we never imagined that the two would actually agree that they want to box each other. After Fifty started a conversation about the prospect of a boxing match between him and Mayweather, the champion boxer is welcoming the fight on the condition that “winner takes all.”

50 Cent who has not conserved any of his loathing for Floyd Mayweather amidst their fallout recently said that he would want to take on his friend-turned-enemy in a celebrity boxing match. The TV mogul mentioned in a radio interview that while he doubts he could make Floyd’s weight class, he would actually love to fight him. As it turns out, that sounds like something Mayweather would be up for.

50 Cent appears to now have a change of heart as he responded to his former friend turn foe with his usual attack line about his literacy. “The fight is off because Floyd cant read 2 paragraphs of my New York Times best seller (Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter) on IG live,” Fifty wrote on IG.

The champion boxer is gearing up to fight Logan Paul next. Following Paul’s viral knockout fight with Nate Robinson, his upcoming match with Mayweather has garnered heavy press and a legion of eagerly anticipating fans. In a post promoting the boxing event, Floyd Mayweather invited 50 Cent to fight him in another match at the end of the year. According to the undefeated boxer, he will be focusing on several exhibitions this year including one in Japan but he could still manage to fit a fight with Fifty in the schedule.

“I also heard that 50 cent would fight me but claims I’m too small,” Mayweather wrote in his Instagram caption. “If he wants to lace up at the end of the year, we can do an exhibition then. I don’t care about weight class with any of these guys. The Paul brothers will make great money with the events, but with 50 cent It has to be ‘Winner Take All.'”

While Fifty was the first to tease the idea, there is no guarantee that he would be willing to take part in the fight despite the difference in weight classes. Now that fans are aware that both celebrities would be interested in the brutal competition, however, it will likely become a staple conversation piece on social media until they follow through. The odds are stacked against the likelihood of the fight actually happening though.

Would you pay to see an exhibition between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather?