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NLE Chopper Admits To Wearing Fake Vlone, Responds To A$AP Bari, Touts Wealth

NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa is responding ti A$AP Bari while also admitting that he wears fake Vlone.

There’s nothing quite like honesty to diffuse a potentially embarrassing situation, and it takes maturity to be able to be totally honest when you’re being called out. That’s especially true in the rap world, but NLE Choppa chose the honest route after he was called out by A$AP Bari for wearing a piece of merchandise that was fake. The merchandise in question resembled a piece from the popular streetwear brand Vlone.

Bari singled out NLE Choppa accusing him of wearing fake designer clothing. Of course, Bari tried to embarrass the young rapper, but he’s responded in a classy way, saying that he does indeed wear fake designer wear because he’s got serious cash in his bank account. He used his accumulated wealth to show that he doesn’t wish to waste it on things like designer clothes.

He effectively put out a brewing fire after Bari wrote “Please Tell This Man Stop Wearing Fake Vlone,” on Instagram Stories. The post went viral and was picked up by several hip-hop media outlets helping Bari to get the message to Choppa. He responded using Twitter.

“You buy the real sh*t, I throw the fu sh*t on and still up 8 figures. Tell em my deal was 6 Million ion care what the f*ck I wear sincerely,” he said. He added, “Tell em send it to me then. He need my PO Box? Tell Mr. Vlone I got a PO Box if he wanna send me a hoodie since he care so much. Imma 8 figure n***a my deal was 6m’s I’ll wear the fu sh*t any day ion care bout material sh*t that’s how imma stay rich boy.”

NLE Choppa has truly shown how much he’s evolved as an artiste. After he made the decision to transform from a violent rapper to a peaceful earth-loving artist, the 18-year-old is proving that he intends to stick to the ways of peace.