Tony Matterhorn Calls Alkaline “Fish” For Not Having A Child

Tony Matterhorn gets some things off his chest about Alkaline.

It seems that veteran dancehall selector Tony Matterhorn had no choice but to take a massive ‘L’ in 2017 when he was approached by Alkaline and his crew in the middle of his DJ set for playing tracks from known Vendetta rival Vybz Kartel. The move from Tony Matterhorn would have probably been okay at any other event, but at Alkaline’s birthday bash, it was a big ‘No No.’ Over the years, Matterhorn has latched on to several opportunities to shade the “Cree” deejay, and he was not about to pass up on the first public opportunity for 2021. The former King Addies Sound System selector was inspired by a crop of Vendetta fans who rained troubling comments while the disc jockey was conducting his Instagram LIVE.

While addressing the comments, Matterhorn touched on the usual talking points frequently recited by Vendetta rivals. These include the “Block and Delete” deejay’s lack of kids, as well as his freakishly controversial lyrics in tracks such as 2014’s “Touch You.”

“Dem boi ya nah breed nobody pon the planet, dem a fish,” Matterhorn concluded.

The DJ also insisted that any future confrontation between the two will result in guns being drawn. He said, “No boi can’t page me. From you page me, me go fi my gun dem…me and the police dem will talk bout it after.”

“Last time me check me was a law-abiding citizen inna any country, if you page me, me ago fire shot pon you bloodcl**t and go down a station… Uno can’t ramp with me, member your name de a station,” mentioned Matterhorn, highlighting Alkaline’s previous run-in with the law. In February 2017, Alkaline, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, reported to Jamaican police to answer questions relating to the murder of Rohan Morris. He was subsequently released without being officially charged.

“Intelligent badness me deal with…make you know don’t f**k with a man who is a law-abiding citizen,” continued the DJ while pinpointing Sashie Cool, another artiste who had accompanied Alkaline to the stage during the very public confrontation at Club Euro in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The “Dutty Wine” deejay namedropped areas in Jamaica known for violence as a measure of just how extensive his reach as a gangster was and still is. “When me a buss gun Alkaline a run up and down, me a 49 years old…Alkaline ever walk go down a Tivoli, go make gunshot buss like rain? Him ever go a Jungle, Rema? Him ever go Wareika Hills yet? Him ever go a Clarendon?”

Still, many questioned why Tony had not gotten in a physical fight during the 2017 encounter instead of speaking about it via social media years later. “If me did box down Alkaline and him likkle fren the wol a uno woulda video me. .. A me uno wa send go a prison, uno s**k uno m*ma,” he said.

“My hands are not dirty, my hands are clean and uno did a try get me hands dem dirty inna me old age and me just pass uno, cause uno a no nobody fi me do things,” said the 49-year-old ‘mentally ill’ selector.

The driver of the car in which Matterhorn was traveling instructed him to focus his attention on positivity since “the business no need war. Who know better do better.” Yet Matterhorn persisted in waging war if the need arises, even if his children were to lose their father.

“Family live fi demself, when war start who dead dead. I care zero, him born already…Nuff time me regreat turning a cheek to eno. The one time me turn a cheek inna me life people always a try me with it the next time it won’t be like that,” said Tony. “When you ignore dem, dem come back another day and do the same f**kry.”

Both Alkaline and Tony Matterhorn are currently residing in The United States of America, which makes the possibility of another physical confrontation quite possible. Alkaline has not responded to the latest jabs from his rival, but his loyal Vendetta supporters have not eased up in the comment section below posts covering Tony’s rant.

“Matterhorn u sound so press. Alkaline did wat he did and u never defend yourself so u just look so fool right now lol suh weh u a seh u nuh get page u get the whole book lol so stop it mon u look like the biggest fool right now. Alkaline almost broke u clavicle bone,” wrote one Vendetta fan.