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T.I. Gets Dragged For Playing Vitiligo Character In New Movie “Cut Throat City”

Rapper T.I.

T.I. is in the news for all the wrong reasons these days. Following his involvement in a scandal involving Sabrina Peterson, who claimed that the rapper placed a gun to her head in front of her children a few years ago, comes word that fans are upset at his portrayal of a character with vitiligo in “Cut Throat City” on Netflix.

Recently Peterson aired out her friend Tiny Harris’ husband’s alleged misgivings and shared the story about what she claimed happened. In doing so, she also called on Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to stop supporting T.I. because she thinks that he is a “person that has victimized women”.

TIP has been pretty quiet since the allegations surfaced, and now he’s facing another social media storm in the midst of that ongoing drama. Many Twitter fans used the social media platform to question if it was even necessary for him to have vitiligo to play the character.

One of the more popular tweets on the matter was, “So Who Decided That T.I. Needed To Play The Role Of Street N***a w/ Vitiligo,” which has already received over 18,000 retweets.

This incensed fan chimed in, “So confusing for a number of reasons. Like why? Why did he even need to have vitiligo? Why didn’t they just hire someone with vitiligo? Did the vitiligo have a place in the movie at all? Like was the plot centered on this s*it? I’m so confused.”

Others added that his make-up throughout the production was inconsistent, like this fan who said, “TI’s vitiligo wasn’t consistent, he only had it on one side of his face at first.”

“Cut Throat City” is directed by rapper RZA and was initially released in August 2020. The show itself has received mixed reviews since release and has just a 4.8/10 rating on IMDb. Here are some of the reactions: