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Bow Wow Baby Mama Bashes Him For Being An Absentee Father

Bow Wow’s baby’s mother is getting some things off her chest about what constitutes a good father but does the “Growing Up Hip-Hop” star fit the criteria?

It came as a surprise to many fans last year when Bow Wow announced that he had conceived a baby boy with model Olivia Sky. The rapper shared photos of his son Stone Moss on Instagram in September, putting an end to months of speculation about who the father of the model’s baby was.

Bow Wow, of course, has a daughter also, his eldest daughter Shai Moss with whom he appears to be very close if social media is any indication. Just based on the way he is always showing off his little girl online, it’s easy to assume that Bow Wow is constantly earning cool dad points with his kids and their moms. However, after Olivia Sky’s seemingly veiled bashing on Instagram, some are questioning if there is a feud brewing between her and the rapper.

Sky took to Instagram Stories to scribe an ode to “real fathers” in a seemingly sarcastic rant under the guise of a fine tribute. “I swear I salute all the real fathers!” she began. “The ones who actually get their child and spend time with them. The ones who calls and check on them on a daily basis. The ones who actually stand on what they say! The ones who call and volunteer to get them and the mother don’t have to ask!”

As the post went on, Sky’s caustic remarks appeared to become a bit less ambiguous when she referred to a son. She continued, “The ones who pick their child up to get their hair cut when it’s time. (the ones who have boys) The ones who don’t talk bad about their sons mother when she frfr holding sh*t down!!! The ones who knows what really going on with their child!” The lengthy post only welcomed plausible speculation that Bow Wow may be in the dog house – no pun intended.

The rapper recently revealed on an episode of his reality show “Growing Up Hip-Hop” that he plans to put out a nine-track album speaking about his former relationships. He announced that the project dubbed “Letter To My Exes” will feature songs titled by the namesakes of his former flames. In addition to his co-star Angela Simmons, Bow Wow also dropped the bombshell that he dated Blac Chyna, who has also earned her slot on the tracklist.

As to whether Olivia Sky is really dropping hints about her baby daddy and throwing shade at him in the process, fans sure believe it’s a possibility. After all, the rapper’s son Stone Moss is her only child.

Do you think Bow Wow has been an absentee dad like Sky’s post strongly suggests?