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Yung Bleu and Drake Dropping Possible Joint Project, Bleu Says: “It Would Flow Perfect”

Yung Bleu and Drake
Yung Bleu, Drake

Could Yung Bleu and Drake be dropping a joint project?

It was a dream come through for Yung Bleu back in October last year, 2020, when he announced that he had secured the Midas touch from Drake for his hit single “You’re Mines Still.” After Drake put his verse to the song, it went viral, and the track became one of Yung Bleu’s most productive ever. It even peaked at No. 52 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Bleu recently revealed that he and Drake discussed working on a full-length joint project together. According to Bleu, the idea came about because the pair enjoyed working together so much last year. He revealed the details while being interviewed by Billboard.

When the rapper was asked which R&B star he would like most to collaborate with, he said he’d already discussed that with Drake. The 26-year-old said, “Man, I’d definitely pick Drake. His sh*t just slid so good. We even talked about it before. I don’t know if it’ll ever manifest to something real, but we have talked about getting in the studio and [coming up] with ideas on working on a collab project. It would flow perfect. That man flows perfectly on a song. That song was made for that n-gga’s verse. I believe in sh*t like that.”

He also went on to explain that NBA star DeMarcus Cousins was the driving force behind the collab, and without him, it probably would not have happened. “Boogie and me were already chopping it up. He’s from my city too. He’s always on all the artists from the city. So when I dropped Love Scars, with him listening to it, he was excited about it and he had hit me up like, ‘Yo. I can hear Drake on this record right here,’” he said.

He added, “That was the record I was going to push anyway, that “You’re Mines Still.” So, you know, I ain’t really thinking too much about it. I was just laughing like, “That would be crazy.” So he said he’s going to hit him up. I said, “Cool. Appreciate it,” not really thinking nothing of it, for real.”

If it were to ever happen, we’re sure some major hits would come off that EP. What do you think about a collaborative EP from the duo?