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Princess Love Calls Ray J Pushing Her In he Pool On Love & Hip Hop: “My Karma”

Ray J and Princess Love

Princess Love rationalized Ray J pushing her in the pool on Love and Hip Hop as her “karma.”

Ray J pushing his girlfriend at the time, Princess Love, in a pool while the cameras were rolling is perhaps one of the most infamous scenes in Love and Hip Hop’s history. Viewers of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood have seen their fair share of gasp-inducing moments, but one which surely comes to mind involved Ray J, his wife, and a swimming pool. The moment took place while the pair were still dating, and it’s surprising that a marriage followed after that romantic date gone very wrong. An argument ensued during dinner as Princess expressed her frustration with the “Another Day in Paradise” rapper’s partying ways, and she ended up drenched in the pool.

When revisiting the event with Kendall Kyndall on Love and Hip Hop Unlocked, Princess shared her thoughts that her estranged husband had pushed her in on purpose (which he denied), but claimed that it was cosmic payback. “That was my karma, though because I was upset because I felt like he set me up,” she said. “And I tried to push him in [the pool], so that was my karma.”

When the clip was shared by TSR on Instagram, fans were left with many questions, including why she would marry a man who sent her swimming. “If a man ever disrespects me like that, there’s NO WAY we would be sitting down together years later talking about it. Some of these women really bring the disrespect upon themselves,” read one comment.

Then again, Ray J and Princess’s relationship is nothing short of puzzling. Both parties filed for divorce on separate occasions last year (the mother-of-two in May, and him in September following their brief reconciliation during the summer), yet Princess Love reportedly want to add to their family by the singer’s donating sperm.