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Danileigh Says She A Ride Or Die For Dababy And Fans Have Questions

Danileigh is a ride or die for DaBaby.

Danileigh and DaBaby have been going strong since last year, and they continue to show that they have what it takes to become one of the power couples of the industry. Dani has been bold with her moves as of late, bossing up to cop a brand new home in the Dominican Republic as well as securing her very own private jet. She’s once again showing that she is very much in charge of her own destiny as she poses with her beau Dababy, who proceeds her on the steps of her new jet.

“And I’m behind him if it go down,” came the caption. Her caption is yet another confession of her loyal to The Billion Dollar Baby CEO, even though some fans felt that those words should have been said by Dababy and not her. Others are still finding it hard to believe that the two are actually back together following their numerous denials of a relationship throughout the first handful of months in 2020. Still, there are others who are on for the ride.

“Y’all cute together, I’ve called it since Levi High, the chemistry was too good to go to waste,” wrote one fan below the image. The comment references Danileigh’s March 2020 release, which also featured Dababy. The music video not only showcases a ton of denim but also truly mesmerizing chemistry between the two. They were reportedly spotted quarantining together shortly thereafter.

Fans of the “Dominican Mami” singer are concerned that she may be putting her heart in the wrong place and may end up being the one left in the dust, much like what happened in the closing scene of their “Levi High” music video.

Do you think their relationship is genuine, or is it simply for clout?