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Cardi B Reacts To Pregnancy Rumors After Posting Raunchy Photo With Offset

Offset Cardi B
Offset, Cardi B

Cardi B has moved her explicit posts to Instagram amidst Twitter shadowban.

When it comes to being herself, Cardi B knows no other way. The Billboard chart-topping rapper is notorious for her sassy mouth, sexual nature, and making her political positions known. All of that is a recipe to get blocked in the social media world, especially when you’re a personality with a strong, widespread influence. This week fans discovered that Cardi was on a shadowban on Twitter, which means all her tweets would not be visible to all her fans.

As soon as Cardi caught wind of it, she immediately began to plead her case to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to have her released. “Can I please get release from shadowbanned I AM REPENT!” she tweeted Dorsey on Monday (Jan. 4). While it remains unclear whether it was her tweets about politics or the sexually explicit ones that warranted the shadowban, Cardi promised she “won’t talk about s**kin and f**kin nomore.”

Meanwhile, she has taken her X rated posts over to Instagram. The rapper shared a photo of her husband Offset with a hand full of her inked derriere. “Can’t wait to get home ….HornyHyena,” she wrote in the caption. The post garnered close to 3 million likes in half a day, which is enough to determine that IG is probably a more suitable place for this kind of content.

It appears not everyone could clearly see what Cardi’s risque post actually was though since according to her, some people thought it was a pregnancy announcement. Over on Twitter, the rapper addressed fans’ reactions to the post. “Not me posting a picture on IG of Set grabbing my a** cheek and people in the comments thinking he touching a pregnant belly,” she wrote. “Sexy mission fail.”

While Cardi is still hoping to be freed from the shadowban list on Twitter, she is still active on her account and even recently told fans that she has a surprise in store for them. As for the expletives, she hasn’t exactly dialed back on that and even today she wrote a fan whose boyfriend broke up with her, “F**K HIM SIS.”

Cardi B only knows how to be Cardi B.