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Cardi B Tweets Message To Twitter CEO After Getting Shadow Banned

Cardi B is begging Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for forgiveness after she is allegedly put on the platform’s shadowban list.

After some fans apparently could no longer see all of Cardi B’s tweets, they began to speculate that the rapper has been shadowbanned by Twitter. The social media jargon that has been imposed on the former Love & Hip-Hop star means the platform is restricting user access to a number of her tweets. It was not at all a far-reaching possibility considering Cardi B’s tendency to author eye-popping tweets of a sexually-explicit nature.

What is unclear is if the ban was due to political references as seen in other instances on Twitter throughout the previous presidential election, or if it was the rapper’s usual blunt sexual content. Surely either would warrant a violation of most social networking community guidelines. “WTF I DID NOW !” Cardi tweeted in response to a fan who said, “Cardi on shadowban again.” The shadowban is a way to avoid blocking Cardi altogether while censoring her tweets without making it obvious that she is being blocked from fans.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper went on the plead for a reprieve and asked Twitter to release her from the hold and allow all of her fans to see all of her tweets again. In return, Cardi B promised to be good and bargained a tighter grip on her sailor’s mouth for a chance at liberty, claiming her profanities are a thing of the last decade. “Twitter release me from twitter shadowban!!! I won’t talk about s**kin and f**kin nomore. I promise that was 2020 behavior!” the rapper wrote.

She also posted a voice tweet addressing Twitter remorsefully again. “Please, forgive me. I won’t do it anymore. Forgive me,” said Cardi feigning innocence with a British accent. Less than a week ago on New Year’s Eve, Cardi asked fans on Twitter, “What’s a good movie to watch on Netflix before I start f***ing ?” It’s just the kind of candor that the rapper is revered and evidently, chastized for as well.

Do you think Cardi can actually refrain from profanities and remain on her best behavior if she is released from the shadow ban? How long do you think the rapper would last?