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Boosie Badazz Voted For First Time Ever In Georgia Senate Election

Boosie Badazz
Boosie Badazz

Boosie Badazz voted for the first time ever.

Boosie Badazz has started 2021 off on a positive note after he revealed that he voted for the first time in his home state, Georgia. He’s also calling on others to do the same. He cast his ballot in the all-important upcoming runoff election to determine which political party will control the Senate. He voted today, Tuesday, January 5. Still recovering from the gunshot wounds that he suffered after an attack outside a Dallas strip mall in November, he made his way to the polling station on an electric scooter, showing his determination to be a part of the process.

He posted a clip to Instagram and revealed that he voted for Democrat Raphael Warnock. He also strongly condemned Senator Kelly Loeffler.

“I’m looking for a change. If I’m voting, everybody needs to vote. I’ve been watching that runoff, I’m finna vote. That man finna change some s&*t. I’m telling y’all I’m voting for Warnock,” he said. The Baton Rouge rapper also spoke with a news station and said it was his hope that his act would inspire more African-Americans to get to the polls.

“I’ve been watching the runoffs and I just feel like me coming out here will inspire a lot of people to go vote. And I feel like Warnock is going to do a lot of things that’s been on my mind heavy also. I feel like my vote will matter.”

He continued on to say, “I just want to see more of my African-American people coming out and voting. I’m looking around and I don’t see a lot of that. I think more African-Americans need to come vote because we have it hard as a race and if we want to make change we have to vote.” DJ Akademiks posted a clip of Boosie on his way to the polling station which he captioned, “#boosie voted for the first time ever.”