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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Second Baby Mama Says He Still Not Met 2-year-Old Daughter

Tekashi 69 is being labeled a deadbeat dad by another alleged baby mama.

Another woman had come out claiming that Tekashi 6ix9ine, who fathered her two-year-old daughter, has not met the child since she was born. Earlier, Sara Molina, Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter Saraiyah came out to say that he was banned from seeing his daughter for Christmas because he has been an absentee father- missing her birthday and not financially supporting her.

Molina also said Tekashi- whose real name is Daniel Hernandez only spent two days with his daughter since being released from jail earlier in 2020 to complete his prison sentence at home.

Now another woman is claiming the Brooklyn rapper has fathered her child, and Hernandez has not acknowledged the child as the mother struggles. On her account @laynax3_ said “DANIEL still hasn’t MET our 2 year old daughter. I stay low key and struggle in quiet and get sh*t done on my own.”

According to the woman, she had written a letter to the judge to address the early release of Hernandez “Im the one that wrote a letter to help him out TO MEET OUR DAUGHTER not for him to neglect and abandon her. Ive gotten no phone call no attempt to see the baby and he lives no far from me theres no excuses. Over here we could only dream he’d offer to send my daughter gifts or want to meet her. So many babymothers on ig that receive some kind of help or child support always complaining to ig about there bd there are mothers that have it way harder than you ! be grateful cause you could be in another mothers shoes.”

The woman also posted a cute little girl dressed in a pink sweater and having two pigtails tied with pink ribbons.

Fans couldn’t help but notice the resemblance as a few pointed out similarities, and one person said, “you are the father.”