Nicki Minaj Set Her Barbz On Trolls Who Leaked Her Phone Number: “Have No Mercy”

Nicki Minaj had to call on the Barbz for help on Monday after her number was leaked and dozens of random people started texting and calling her on her private phone.

Despite removing herself from chats, the random numbers continued to add her in a game of cat and mouse. She was first added to a group called “MOM CLUB.” A frustrated Nicki Minaj then took to Twitter to release the numbers and asking her loyal followers, known as the ‘barbs,’ to take control of the situation, and “Barbz, have no mercy,” she urged them.

In a screenshot of the group that Nicki shared, one of the numbers say, “does this count as harassment?” another said, “nicki im so sorry.” There appeared to be Barbz in the chat with one person asking that the harassing texts “stop” and that “she has a child to look after,” referring to Nicki having just given birth over a month and having the responsibility of caring for her newborn baby.

Nicki Minaj then shared screenshots from the chat of eight different contact information with the Young Money artiste’s large fan base, which can sometimes involve very vicious fans who are protective of Nicki.

Her fans then went on a rampage as they in turn harassed, texted, and called the numbers that were harassing Nicki. One fan texting one of the guilty group chat members said, “text Nicki again and I promise you will wake up on the Moon surrounded by 7 martians ready to dissect every piece for your body examination.”

The texter posted his screenshot on Twitter with the caption “I got uuu baby @nickiminaj.”

One of the members of the chat, Acacia Kersey whose number and picture was released by Nicki said she was in the chat and was trolling along and having fun because a bunch of celebrity contact information was shared in the group. She said she didn’t realize that was actually Nicki’s correct information and that she was not behind creating the group.

“There was a bunch of people in there like ‘oh my God hi Qeens’…I was messaging back like a troll and having a good time…but anyway apparently the email that was Nicki Minaj’s turned out to be her. Nicki Minaj just tweeted my picture OMG, I hope she, doesn’t know I didn’t know, I wasn’t involved. OMG what happened, all of her fans are like telling me to die and I should stop messaging Nicki Minaj and I didn’t even message her in the first place.”

There is also another screenshot of the group chat where members say Nicki’s attorney-at-law was on the phone. Others started saying they were being harassed by Nicki fans who questioned why Nicki was added to the chat.

It’s no secret that the Barbz have Nicki Minaj’s back as they have in the past. They’ve defended her against the likes of Cardi B, Bhad Bhabie, and even Lil Kim and even taken down random persons for attempting to speak negatively on Nicki.