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Gucci Mane’s Rapper Ralo Bond Revoked For Selling Drugs In Prison


Gucci Mane affiliate rapper Ralo who has been released out on a $250,000 bond for a drug-related crime, is now heading back to jail after a judge reversed his bond pending trial.

The documents were filed last week, and the judge deemed the Atlanta rapper a “danger to the community” after he found that Ralo was arranging drug deals using an Apple watch while he was behind bars. Documentary evidence chronicles him directing his baby mother in the management and conduct of his illegal activity, collecting money from his clients, and selling controlled substances.

According to the document – “law enforcement has analyzed an Apple Watch found in the Defendant Davis’s cell at the Dayton Detention Center in April 2019.” The authorities say that photographs of drugs and communication with co-defendants that appeared to include affidavits the co-defendants planned to supply the court with.

The document further said that evidence strongly suggested that “defendant David continued to engage in illegal drug activity while incarcerated at that facility. It also obviously shows he refused to abide to conditions of his confinement by obtaining and possessing the contraband watch.”

The court documents also said it has strong evidence to convict Ralo as a .380 caliber ammunition recovered from his home has his fingerprints. A matching pistol was also found in the home, which means that Ralo was illegally in possession of a firearm at the time of his arrest in 2018.

They also found that he had been communicating with the mother of his three children, who he directed to continue his illegal activity. Two handwritten notes were retrieved from a purse belonging to Potts in which Ralo directed her on how to collect money, spend money, and how to distribute controlled substances. The notes also explained to her where assets belonging to the rapper were located.

One of the notes said, “save up every dollar you receive from grandma” and “keep count of all the kids at dad house an grandma house so you can know how much you got at all times [sic].”

Ralo also told her to “try to do all these things on other phones or in person. The Feds is watching an listening to everything.”

The list, according to federal authorities, also had a breakdown for the word “kidz,” which they say is code word as it also had prices which they say is associated with the distribution of controlled substances.”

He also seemed to have abbreviations for his clients that he supplied. He also went to lengths to explain to his baby mother to get a burner phone, so communications cannot be traced back to her.

Ralo is before the courts for a 2018 case for which he is charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and possession with intent to distribute over 100kilograms of marijuana. At the time of his arrest, he had just arrived in Georgia on a private plane with 444 lbs of marijuana, which had a street value of $1 million.

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