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Ralo Accused Of Selling Drugs In Jail Denied Bail

Rapper Ralo

Ralo is being accused of selling drugs behind bars and was again denied bail.

The Atlanta rapper, born Terrell Davis, is currently behind bars and will not be coming out anytime soon. This latest development in his case comes after his attorney made another application for bond for the rapper. Things didn’t go according to plan after prosecutors presented evidence that he is still selling drugs from behind bars, 11Alve news reported. In the end, the judge denied him bond and ordered him remanded behind bars.

On Tuesday, scores of fans of rapper Ralo gathered outside the court in Atlanta to support the “Die Real” rapper. Their presence was not enough to sway the judge. FBI raided the rapper’s home last month and seized some of his personal belongings. The raid comes after police officers found 520 lbs of weed in a vehicle he was traveling in from the airport. Court docs revealed that he has been using his private plane to transport weed where he would later distribute it on the streets of Atlanta. The drugs seized reportedly has a street value of $1 million.

Federal prosecutors also claimed that Ralo is the leader of a gang called Famerica which is the name of one of his mixtapes. Despite being behind bars, Ralo recently dropped some new music for his fans.

Ralo also pleaded not guilty to charges of two federal counts of possession with intent to distribute marijuana.