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Machine Gun Kelly Responds to Eminem Diss On His Latest Album

Eminem Machine Gun Kelly MGK

Machine Gun Kelly shared a subtle response to Eminem dissing him on his new project.

Eminem’s latest shots at Machine Kelly doesn’t seem to be having the same effect as when he released “Killshot.” In his latest album, “Music To Be Murdered By: Side B,” on the tracks “Gnat” and “Zeus,” Eminem once again made reference to MGK, which many fans thought would have elicited a fiery comeback. In “Zeus”, he raps “Fair weather, wishy-washy, she thinks Machine washed me,” and on “Gnat,” he adds, “They come at me with machine guns, like trying to fight off a gnat.”

MGK was quick to fire back, but it doesn’t seem like he’s going to the studio about it. Using Twitter, he said, “those subliminals,” and added a crying laughing emoji and a trash can. Back in 2018, things got a lot tenser between the two. “Killshot” was Eminem’s diss track, which was produced by IllaDaProducer. He penned the track in response to Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil,” which was released in 2018 as well. MGK released that track after Eminem dissed him in his song “Not Alike” from his tenth studio album, Kamikaze.

MGK has since said that he believes that feud cost him fans as his next album, “Hotel Diablo” was not met with any real enthusiasm.

He said, “As a Hip Hop album, [Diablo is] flawless front to back, and also a hint at the evolution of how I went into a pop-punk album. But it was coming off the tail-end of that infamous beef [with Eminem]. So no one wanted to give it the time of day.”

The feud goes all the way back to 2012 when MGK Tweeted that Eminem’s Daughter was “Hot as F**k.” Hailie was just 16-years-old at the time. At that time, MGK posted, “Ok so I just saw a picture of Eminem’s daughter… and I have to say, she’s hot as f%$k, in the most respectful way possible [because Eminem] is king.” Following that, MGK was banned from Eminem’s Shade 45 radio station on Sirius XM. It wasn’t until 2018 that they put the beef into words.

In what might be a first for Eminem, early projections of “Music To Be Murdered By: Side B” have shown that the album might be the first in over 20 years to not debut at No. 1. It’s expected to debut at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.