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Mulatto Explains Why She’s Changing Her Name, Gets Called Out For Maskless Birthday Party

Introducing the artist formerly known as Mulatto.

When Alyssa Stephen, Mulatto’s government name, first began her journey in the music industry, she did it under the pseudonym “Miss Mulatto”. The moniker was inspired by pain and triumph as Alyssa, who is mixed-race, had been bullied in her younger years due to her lighter skin. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “mulatto” is defined as the first-generation offspring of a black person and a white person and is derived from a Spanish and Portuguese term. As with many words, however, the term has become offensive in recent years, with Mulatto, the rapper facing much backlash over the mononym which she adopted in 2018.

The “In n Out” rapper previously stated that she wished to reclaim the racial slur by changing it from a negative to a positive term, but it still rubbed many the wrong way. This is in addition to Mulatto describing herself as biracial, only to later call herself Black. It appears, though, as if all the controversy has reached a breaking point, as Mulatto has now announced that she intends to change her name.

“I’m not a colorist, but the internet gon’ do what they do, I can’t convince people that already don’t like me otherwise so I’m not gonna have a stroke about it,” she told The Shade Room while confirming that she is considering changing her name but that it will take time to do so. “It’s definitely in the works, like, I’m considering it for sure.”

Her name is not the only reason that Mulatto has drawn criticism of late. Fans were unimpressed that the artist chose to celebrate her 22nd birthday with a casino-themed bash at which none of her guests wore masks.

The rapper turned 22 on December 22 but her birthday celebration is already on the way.