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Eminem Fired Shots at Tekashi 6ix9ine On His New Album, Will 6ix9ine Respond?

Eminem made Tekashi 6ix9ine his new target on his new album.

Few rappers in the game can generate buzz like Eminem. He’s proven that once again, with his latest effort, his re-released 11th studio album “Music To Be Murdered By – Side B.” In it, he’s taken aim at veteran Snoop Dogg, apologized to Rihanna, and taken shots at Tekashi 6ix9ine all in on one track called “Zeus.”

Eminem is now 48-years-old, and it seems his rhymes are getting more potent. At the start of the track, he takes aim at Tekashi, “She says I am trash, but she listens to Tekashi (Damn)/B*tch, you lost me (Yeah)/Fairweather, wishy-washy/She thinks Machine washed me (What?)/Swear to God, man, her favorite rapper wish he’d crossed me (Yeah),” he raps. That verse alone was enough to light social media ablaze.

There are a number of reasons that ‘Slim Shady’ might go after Tekashi, including the fact he’s now considered an informant, but the general theory is that he went after the rapper because of the loss of a title. Most seem to think it stems from the fact that Tekashi displaced Eminem from the top of having the most-viewed hip-hop video within a 24-hour time. Eminem held the title for “Killshot” before Tekashi 6ix9ine’s track “GOOBA” copped 63 million views in May, this year, making it number one.

There may be no comeback from Tekashi 6ix9ine, who tried to troll Eminem in 2018 after his hit “Kamikaze,” and that failed miserably. Even though Tekashi wasn’t mentioned in the track, he took it upon himself to respond. This was following Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil.” Tekashi went on Instagram, in a now-deleted video and rapped to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” He said, “You thought right when you ain’t diss me / I’m a lyrical legend, I know they miss me / All you mumble rap kids, colorful hair / Can’t compare to the lyrical phenomenal that’s right here.”

He continued with his attempt to make Eminem look like his lyrics were too complicated and added, “Mars, Jupiter, Venus, origins and oranges combine solar eclipse, your mind is an eclipse of the origins in.”

Knowing 6ix9ine, he loves a good fight and will likely respond either by trolling or through his upcoming album.

This time around, fans are still siding with Eminem. Check out some of their reactions below: