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Eminem’s MGK Diss “Killshot” Broke YouTube Record For Hip-Hop

Eminem is killing MGK, and YouTube views with his new diss track “Killshot.”

Eminem’s diss track “Killshot” scores the third biggest ever debut on YouTube and the biggest among rap songs. Slim Shady didn’t mince his words when he released the fiery diss last week Friday aimed at Machine Gun Kelly and his former friend turn foe Joe Budden. A couple of others also got caught in the crossfire including Diddy who Em says kill Tupac Shakur.

According to Billboard, Eminem broke the record for the biggest debut on YouTube for a Hip-Hop single in history. “Killshot” clocked 38.1 million views on the video sharing site in the first 24 hours. No other hip-hop video recorded that much views on the first day of release on the platform. YouTube also confirmed that it was it’s third biggest debut in the history of the site.

This speaks volumes to the pulling power of Eminem when he actually shows up, and he did show up on this track and his new album Kamikaze. Machine Gun Kelly’s diss track “Rap Devil” is also doing well with over 95 million views on YouTube since it’s release over two weeks ago. In the end, even if he loses, MGK bank some paper off this beef because he just announced his new mixtape.

In the end, Eminem seems to be winning the feud judging from the reception he received on social media and the airwaves. Social media blew up when the Detroit rapper dropped the track last weekend. On the other hand, MGK has been getting booed on stage while performing “Rap Devil” to the extent that it’s almost pitiful.

Eminem people are saying that Machine Gun Kelly committed career suicide when he chose to diss the rap legend. MGK says it’s a war between the old and new hip-hop. Share what you think.