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AR-Ab Reportedly Stabbed In Prison & His Condition Dire Per His Brother

AR-Ab is reportedly in dire health condition after being stabbed in prison.

Lik Moss, the brother of Philadelphia rapper AR-Ab, has revealed that the rapper was stabbed while behind bars, and he doesn’t believe that he can walk since the incident. Lik Moss was speaking on ‘Da Interrogation Room’ when he revealed that his brother has also been subjected to very inhumane conditions. That’s in line with recent reports which suggested that he was denied medical attention for kidney failure.

Lik Moss revealed that his brother had been stabbed following an incident where a random inmate was running around just stabbing people. He had no motive, apparently. Since the stabbing AR-Ab’s wound has not healed.

“It got infected. He already had pre-existing conditions and it was never treated. His skin turned black, like, burnt black. The guy sliced about four or five people. Ab was one of the guys. He went crazy running around the block and started stabbing people,” Moss shared.

He ventured more details about the stabbing and said that it happened when AR-Ab was on the phone with his back was turned to the stabber. He ended up getting sliced on the head. Since then he hasn’t even been able to use the toilet, he added.

“Probably 80% of his body is black, bleeding. And he ain’t used the bathroom in a week, like urinated, so you know that’s a kidney problem,” he said.
He went on to detail the level of treatment his brother is suffering at the hands of authorities.

Moss added that at first he didn’t received any medical attention and when they finally do, they didn’t even run any tests or provide any meaningful medical treatment to help him get better. As a result, his condition continues to deteriorate behind bars. According to AR-Ab’s brother, it appears that he has poison in his blood.

Moss said that he is receiving some help from his cousins, who are also incarcerated. He said that the cousins let him know that Ar-Ab’s legs have become severely swollen, and he is still being denied medical care.