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Reginae Carter Responds To Fans Bringing YFN Lucci Into Lil Baby Cheating Scandal

Social media has used Lil Baby’s cheating scandal as an opportunity to bash Reginae Carter.

You may be asking yourself what on Earth Reginae Carter has to do with Lil Baby’s current cheating drama, and you wouldn’t be remiss. The “Emotionally Scarred” rapper is in the midst of denying claims that he paid an adult film actress for intercourse after she declared on Twitter that he was the “best d***” she ever had. If the allegations are true, it means that Lil Baby cheated on his girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves. Fans felt this was enough to jump onto Reginae’s social media and remind the Growing Up Hip-Hop star that her on-again-off-again boyfriend, YFN Lucci, isn’t too golden himself.

Reginae and Lucci seem to be trying things out again after she was spotted vacationing with him and his friends in Miami in October. “We’re cool… We’re trying to go back to how we was the first. No drama, no bulls***,” the “Wet” rapper said on Established when asked about the nature of his relationship with Lil Wayne’s daughter.

The pair originally broke up after Lucci attended the infamous Cucumber Party hosted by Alexis Skyy and Reginae snuck in to spy on him, with social media users taking the opportunity to remind the 22-year-old of her man’s scandalous ways. “Reverse psychology is a sickness in my opinion cause b**** u wrong,” she declared on Twitter.

When a fan responded, saying, “Wait sis I know yeen talking about this situation!!!” Reg was ready. “What situation? When I tweet it’s about me myself and mf I !!! I ain’t speaking on nothing I have no clue about,” she wrote. In response to another fan who said, “Reginae yo N**** a dawg too sit this one out,” she replied, “Wtf are u even talking about ? And yo n**** broke .. so what’s the argument?”

Reginae Carter did not come to play.