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Lil Baby Admitted He Cheated On Jayda Cheaves With Adult Film Star, “Ni**a F*cc Up Fasho”

Lil Baby is addressing his sex scandal again after his girlfriend posts a heartfelt tweet.

Grammy-nominated rapper Lil Baby is caught in a scandalous publicity storm after an adult film actress came forward to expose his sex transaction with her. Baby, who is famously dating his girlfriend Jayda Cheaves, tried to deny the allegation when it first came out, but he has since conceded. The rapper is addressing the controversy for the second time after Jayda relinquished her tough girl act and told Twitter that she’s really hurting.

“I done been through enough sh*t to know what a n***a do outside of me has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME,” Jayda wrote on Twitter. “I know wth i got going on and what I have to offer. But sometimes ppl just don’t know how to love you properly and that’s not okay,” she typed adding the teary-eyed emoji.

While it’s not clear if it’s a direct response, Lil Baby’s tweets came soon after. “N***as f**c up fasho but who go harder for they girl then me ? Stop playing wit me,” he wrote. “The Bigger Picture” rapper later clarified, “An go hard don’t mean gifts and Sh*t !! I mean in every way.” Lil Baby didn’t exactly apologize but he doesn’t owe that to social media after all. The rapper appeared to be more concerned with making his case than putting the spotlight on personal accountability based on his juxtapositions.

“An ill never give a h*e 16k to f**c,” Lil Baby also tweeted about the scandal. “I’m wrong for giving the inch fasho but b***es be taking a inch an stretch that sh*t for miles !” Not Baby playing the “fasho but” game. Jayda had to ask fans to cut her a break after the backlash about her still being with the rapper got a bit too much for her. Fans are convinced that the couple will remain intact, but there are some hoping that Jayda will split.

At the end of the day, what I think Lil Baby is trying to say is, none of us are perfect.