Majah Hype Previews A New Song He Plans To Release

Majah Hype has been at the mercy of the public court for approximately a week after his estranged wife Latisha Kirby accused him of physically abusing her. Along with accusations of domestic abuse, the Caribbean comedian was also harassed on social media for allegedly leaking a sex tape of his estranged wife.

The comedian took to Instagram Live a few days later to explain that he did have access to her phone, and he allegedly used a cloning software to retrieve the data. He shared numerous photos of other men Kirby was allegedly in relations with. However, he denied that he was the one who released the explicit tape. It turns out five(5) additional clips of Kirby engaging in sexual acts with other men, apart from her husband, were released to the public today.

Majah Hype has decided to use a completely different medium to speak out on the matter. The comedian is known for having mad DJ skills, and as such, he took to his IG LIVE to provide his fans with a solid half-hour of music. The session definitely had a theme, with tracks such as Dexta Daps’ “Chinese Jordon,” Buju Banton’s “Trust,” Quada’s “Hail,” Vybz Kartel’s “Then You And Me,” and a surprise original track from the comedian himself.

Majah Hype is known for his jokes but there were none to be found in the lyrical component of the r&b infused song.

“The way we live girl it’s killing me, something about it,” said Majah Hype, as he took up the microphone to sing along to the track.

He continued, “Plus your attitude is gettin carried away / What makes you think you could keep a man in such a way / Now you telling me that you coming back / But I don’t think that I’m cool with that.”

You can check out the exert from his LIVE below.

A combination of leaked sex tapes and his IG LIVE session has seemingly provided him with a few additional supporters in his corner.