Dancehall Artist Spice Sex Tape Leaked Her Alleged Spiritual Adviser RT Boss Claim

Spice alleged spiritual adviser, RT Boss, claims her sex tape was leaked and that she is ungrateful.

There is more drama afoot as it relates to Jamaican/Caribbean entertainers, and it seems Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Spice is at the center of the latest rumble in the jungle. The entertainer’s former spiritual leader, Nardo Smither, who is better known as RT Boss, has now come forward to reveal and confirm a couple of shocking claims which were made approximately half a decade ago. RT Boss and Spice were pretty close friends, regularly sharing the limelight together at various events over the years.

The two no longer share a friendship, and it is being alleged that the break is deeply rooted in the fact that RT Boss is not being appreciative of the way the “Jim Schreechie” deejay has been treating him.

In a recently shared video, RT, who is also a musical artiste, explained that he was one of the persons responsible for the entertainer’s rise to fame through his readings and professional pieces of advice. Over the past couple of days, a very disgruntled RT Boss took to social media to specify some of the ways in which his expertise saved Spice’s career.

In 2015, it was rumored that a sex tape of Spice was leaked. The rumor was ultimately laid to rest after it was determined that the body art didn’t match that sported by Spice. Based on RT’s claims, it was indeed Spice in the clip. However, his advice ensured the secret was revealed. He instructed the entertainer to have a tattoo done to her hand so that persons would not believe she was the one performing the act.

RT Boss did not stop there as he also explained the main reason Spice and her ex-fiance’ Nicholas Lall called it quits. Apparently, Spice invited another woman into the sexual union she shared with her then-significant other. Following the act, it was discovered that the female and her fiance were having their own sexual relations behind her back. As her professional “reader man,” RT advised her to end the relationship, and she took his advice.

RT mentioned that he has never actually charged the “Sheet” deejay for his services over the years and the only thing that he got out of the link was assistance to secure his US Visa. The rumor mill has been turning, and according to some critics, the friendship between Spice and RT ended after she started dating Justin. Could it be that she no longer requires an advisor now that she has the man of her dreams?

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