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Vybz Kartel & JayCrazie Ventures In Deep Space In “New Moon Pon Saturn” 

Vybz Kartel link up with JayCrazie in a new track, “New Moon Pon Saturn.”

Vybz Kartel is constantly credited with having talent which is light years ahead of his generation. No wonder he has never been questioned about just why he coined himself the uniquely fitting name of alien brain. There is one tiny problem, aliens are not from earth. Not to worry, as producer JayCrazie has constructed the Space Craft Riddim on which Vybz Kartel finds himself with a track titled, “New Moon Pon Saturn.”

The riddim track definitely sounds like something out of a Star Wars or Star Trek movie, and the production house should definitely be commended. As for Vybz Kartel’s lyrics, they have the same celestial appeal fans have grown to love and respect. “New Moon Pon Saturn” speaks to a female(Saturn) taking on a New Moon (Vybz Kartel), following the departure of an old flame. In 2019, NASA reported that the planet of Saturn currently has approximately 82 moons, with only 53 of them being named. Does this mean that Vybz Kartel is willing to share his orbit? I think we may have already gotten our answer on a previous track “Our Girl.”

No matter where he stands, “New Moon Pon Saturn” is definitely something you can vibe to.  You can check out some of the Teacha’s lyrics below:

“F**k di whole a dem F__k dem all Man a real Killah Him cahh diss yuh none at all Drive off like dukes of hazzard New Moon pon Saturn Apart from mi kids and money You’re all that matters.”