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DaniLeigh Proudly Hangs DaBaby Plaque On Her Wall At Her Home

DaniLeigh is showing off the DaBaby plaque she has hanging in her house while she plays a song about him.

Fans are once again trying to deduce if the romance between DaBaby and Def Jam singer DaniLeigh is on again or off again. Recently the Charlotte rapper released a 7-track album dedicated to his late brother titled My Brother’s Keeper (Long Live G), on which he seemingly makes reference to DaniLeigh on the track “8 Figures.” Baby talked about calling up his “Dominican boo thing” on facetime to talk him down, and it appears Dani is now throwing her own subliminal messages in the ring.

DaniLeigh shared an Instagram story showing us among other awards, DaBaby’s Platinum plaque for selling more than 1 million copies of his album Kirk while her song “Famous” from her album Movie played in the background. In the song she sings, “So I’ma just keep hangin’ plaques on the wall / Don’t bother, don’t call (Don’t call) / I don’t need your love, I don’t need your love no more / Baby be like ‘Damn Dani done, Dani done made it’ / Sucks you lost the girl that turned out to be famous.”

The song is about a man who overlooks a woman until she rises to fame and then he tries to “come around.” The lyrics are riddled with allusions to Baby including when Dani sings, “You used to be my man / Then your baby mama thought the same / How we both fall for your game.”

While it remains unclear if the rapper and singer are back on, fans can at least agree that Dani’s post was deliberate. “She knew exactly wtf she was doing,” one fan commented with a series of laughing emojis. “If y’all still messing around just say that,” another suggested.

Meanwhile, many have ruled it as a desperate move by DaniLeigh, who has infamously been involved in social media beef with DaBaby’s baby mama. “If doing too much was a person… Chile… and when he booed up with his bm, don’t get in your feelings..” one commenter wrote.

One Instagram user quoted Meredith Grey’s notorious Grey’s Anatomy scene writing, “‘Pick me…. Choose me… love me'” with a clown face emoji. That one was harsh but it wasn’t exactly an isolated comment. In fact, one of the most popular comments used similar language citing, “she is such a ‘pick me.'”

Whatever their status is, it’s obvious that what is happening between DaBaby and DaniLeigh is mutual. If all that is, for now, is just them talking slick to each other with subliminal mentions on their tracks, then we’ll take all the tea.