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Cardi B Sends Warning To Offset Ahead Of Ashanti & Keyshia Cole’s Verzuz Battle

Cardi B is letting Offset know in advance what behavior is acceptable during the upcoming Verzuz battle between Keyshia Cole and Ashanti.

Come next Saturday, the Verzuz playground will finally have added a millennial presentation to their roster. While the increasingly popular music entertainment Livestream has aired several rounds so far with iconic members of the hip-hop and R&B community, most of the artists who have faced off so far dominated in the pre-2000s. With the next Verzuz battle set to feature Ashanti and Keyshia Cole, 90s babies like Cardi B feel like their time has finally come.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper is among those who can hardly contain their excitement about the upcoming show, and she made sure to notify her husband, Offset, a week in advance that he should “be nice” on that day. She took to Twitter to say, “Warning to all you mans out there (including mine) be nice the day of the Ashanti VS Keyshia Verzuz battle. Its going to be a lot of singing with this face On you,” she wrote with the side-eye emoji.

The tweet mostly incited uncontrollable laughter in response while others asked Cardi who she thought would come out the victor on December 12. It seemed the rapper didn’t care to choose sides though, especially after she realized that she has the same zodiac sign as both singers..”Wait a damn minute? Keyshia Cole & Ashanti are both Libras!? See I don’t mean to brag but I’m bragging, I cant wait for this verzuz battle! It’s going to be sooo f**kin good!!” Cardi tweeted.

Like Cardi B, a ton of people are planning to turn up for this Verzuz battle and are hoping their partner will accommodate their off-key sing-alongs and virtual fangirling. You gotta appreciate the rapper sending out a universal warning on your behalf if you’re in the same boat.