Elephant Man Issued Rare Praise For Masicka Beyond His Craft

Elephant Man dancehall

Elephant Man has a lot of respect for Masicka and we suspect it’s mutual.

The second episode of the new season of Magnum Tonic Wine’s Spice It Up recently aired, and it was once again another hilariously interesting sitdown. This time around, super-host Spice chatted with Elephant Man and Ce’cile in the studio. Meanwhile, Foota Hype was contacted via a Zoom video call. This week’s show was all about dancehall then versus now, dos and don’ts, and what’s considered taboo in dancehall.

A very talkative Elephant Man got first dibs at the convo and painted a picture of just how competitive it was when he was trying to get his break in the 90s. Along with being competitive, jealousy was also relatively low, 50% in Ele’s eyes, compared to the 100% saturation of ‘badmind’ that the music industry is currently struggling with. Another comparison the Energy God pointed out was that artistes had tremendous respect for each other even if the fans picked their own sides. While expounding on his point, he listed some of the biggest dancehall deejays from the 80s and 90s.

“A did Shabba, Ninja, Super Cat, Admiral Bailey, Stichie dem. Admiral and Stichie a go back to back for deejay of the year,” an elated Ele recounted. “Moretime me ask myself who badder Professor Nuts, Lieutenant Stitchie, Papa San, and Ninja Man. It’s so competitive but dem make you love all of dem.”

While speaking about the lavish life of 80s deejay Tiger, Ele outlined that everyone was aware of the greatness he possessed and lauded him on track whenever they could. In Elephant’s eyes, this immediately pointed out that there was more camaraderie in the musical sport back then.

Elephant assessment of the new crop of artistes highlighted that no one is really showing any love or respect anymore. He did name-drop one exception, though, and that’s Masicka. Before highlighting the great qualities of the “Changes” artiste he shared some general info.

“Dem man ya, is like more while dem will see Killer and cut dem eye pass, dem will see Ele and dem will cut dem eye pass we,” he explained. “There is no manners whatsoever.”

He continued, “Member we used to go and say Buju, Bounty, Shabba, Ninja dem a we King, dem man ya will know and keep it inna dem heart.”

“If you no know weh you a come from you nah go know weh you a go.” Was the ultimate truth bomb of the near 1-hour discussion.

The former Scare Dem Crew artiste explained how an airport encounter allowed him to see that Masicka was unlike the rest. “Masicka de over de so, never know seh the youth nice,” Elephant Man said, which proved Ce’cile’s point that there are a couple of good apples on the bunch.

“Masicka see me and say Ele! Me a say a so him did nice, look how me a look pon him like one a dem. Masicka big up yuhself,” went the “Skankers” deejay.

Do you consider Masicka to be a cut above the rest as it relates to his respect and approach to others in the business?