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Love & Hip Hop ATL: Spice Checks Security For Pushing Fan Who Shouted Her Father’s Name


Spice had to check her security for how they handled her fans.

Spice is being commended for standing up for her fans after an incident involving her security detail on Sunday where one of her guards was seen pushing fans out of the way as she made her way through the crowd at her Tampa, Florida show. In the video, a sexily dressed Spice in her pink multicolored jumpsuit and six feet long pink braids is seen flanked by her boyfriend Justin on her right and another very tall man on her left as she makes her way out of the event.

However, the artiste had a problem with her fans being pushed out of the way. In an Instagram post, the artiste said, “one thing with me I’m not in the hype sh*t. Security don’t push my f**king fans out the way.”

In the video, Spice is heard repeatedly asking not to push the fans- “tek time with dem,” she says. However, she stops to speak to a fan after someone in the crowd calls to her using a special name- “a who seh that,” Spice asks as she turns back to search the crowd of faces.

According to the Sheets artiste, one of the fans shouted out her father’s name, and she recognized the name. “I had to post this video to show respect to my father “POLOFIN.” Watch how I hear my father’s name and stop immediately. Someone from my neighborhood shouted out my dad’s name so I was like ‘hold the f**k up.”

She added that it was someone from her former community- old Braeton, which is located in St. Catherine. “Big up Booka T and the entire old Braeton where I’m from. Tampa was a movie.”

She also disclosed that her father died when she was only nine (9) years old but he is the reason why she started music.

Meanwhile, fans rated the artiste’s move to show her fans love. One commenter said, “this is what I love about you, you’ve always been like that. When it comes to you rfan you don’t play.. I saw you literally push your bodyguard when he tried to stop my friend from taking a pic with you. Bless up yu self muma pure greatness ina yu blood…tek it to dem my artist.”

Other fans didn’t skip a beat when it comes to Spice’s man being on hand to escort her like the Queen she is. One said, “Cuh rasta protective like lion king.”

Another said, “big up rasta enuh him hold on to him oman.”