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Pharrell Williams Shares His Ageless Secret With Humanrace Skincare Line For Men

He’s been called a vampire, immortal, and even said to have a resemblance to people who lived a hundred years ago, but Pharrell Williams’ constant fresh looks continue to keep his followers puzzled.

The singer appears ageless, and with a side by side photo of himself in his 20s versus his current 47-year-old self, he appears as one and the same, not a wrinkle or a pimple. Now, the singer is giving away the secret to his good looks- good skincare.

It’s not every day you hear a man talk about skincare as this is something many men consider rather feminine, but skincare has become one of the top things for men who consider grooming part of their lifestyle. Those who practice it are reaping the rewards! Like Pharrell, who is now divulging how he maintains his complexion and skin.

In a feature with GQ, the musician answered several questions that fans had regarding his skincare. According to Pharrell Williams, his skincare essentials are a three-step – cleanser, a good exfoliator, and a great moisturizer.

In the video, he demos his new skincare line Humanrace– and instructs that he was taught by Naomi Campbell to always moisturize upwards to lift the face.

In response to skincare being for women, he said, “skin health is for people,” not only women. “Teach your son that skincare is not a gender specific thing but a human, a hygienic and a courteous thing. You’ll want to take care of your skin, your body is one thing and your face is another,” he added. He referred to the face as one’s personality to drive the point home.

He says his favorite part of the process is exfoliating using his lotus enzyme exfoliator.

The babyface rapper said he also owns the term “humidifying cream,” as in it is patented as part of his line because of the special effects of using his moisturizer.

“Your skin is a result; it’s what you’re doing, what’s your routine, how much time you put into it.”

Meanwhile, he says his wife imposes his use of spf sunscreen and a lip balm to protect the skin. He also credits his understanding of skincare from his dermatologist, where he said his passion for skincare comes from.