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Mulatto Gets Hate Mail On Twitter For Stealing Wigs Before Fame

Mulatto is facing accusations of being a wig thief.

It is no secret that celebrities get a lot of free stuff. In most cases, they accept the stylish clothes, glitzy jewelry, and luxury accessories in order to advertise those brands, but sometimes it all goes a bit wrong. Earlier this year, the members of Migos found themselves at the center of a lawsuit after a stylist company accused them of breaching a contract and not paying for thousands of dollars worth of designer clothes. Now, Mulatto is finding herself embroiled in a scandal of her own.

The Atlanta artist is being accused by a woman of reportedly not paying for a wig that she received two years ago. The hairstylist allegedly sent over the piece under the pretence that the “B**** from da Souf” rapper would tag her in an Instagram post, but said tag never materialized, and Mulatto supposedly blocked the stylist… “2yrs later Im getting 10k a post & STILL woulda tagged/reimbursed u if u approached me different boo…” the artist, whose real name is Alyssa Stephens, wrote on Twitter in response to a post by Deborah Liani.

“What y’all fail to realize is I have no problem buying a whole different wig on my own and tagging that girl as if it was hers but u not gone talk to me crazy without knowing the facts first & still expect to get what u wanted.. 2YRS LATER.”

After Deborah went public, other stylists and business owners revealed that Mulatto had pulled a similar stunt on them. Despite the backlash, Mulatto didn’t seem too touched by the stealing accusations. In a self-deprecating post, she wrote, “Steal a wig for me daddy.”