Vybz Kartel Slammed By Unruly Fans Before Congratulating Popcaan

Vybz Kartel gets called out by Unruly fans for touting his own achievements after Popcaan celebrated his Billboard plaques.

Vybz Kartel is being called a hater after he posted his latest accolade- his gold record for “Cute Rider” from the album Of Dons and Divas. The post made on Sunday said, “Everbody posting accolades so mi mek a post. #GoldFromPrison #Whobadso? @GAZANATION,” as it goes on to tag the record label and producers.

But his followers were quick to call him out. One follower said, “u a hater Vybz…Only person posted was pop.”

The fan added, “…do you know what making it on the Billboard means That’s something big in the USA, everybody should’ve reposted pop (Popcaan) that’s all I’m saying…Vybz my n—ga but he could’ve support pop (Popcaan) they coming from same place.”

Meanwhile, other defenders of Kartel pointed out that he did repost and congratulate Popcaan.

Over the weekend Popcaan received his billboard plaques for Vanquish and Fixtape .Vanquish was released in December 2019, debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart at the start of the year. Fixtape was released in August, which went to number two on the same chart and debuting at number 94 on Billboard’s top 200 chart- a first-time accomplishment for Popcaan.

Popcaan sharing a video of him opening the plaques with Dream playing in the background- said, “t was all a dream once.” Big up Vybz Kartel and Ovo Sound.”

But shortly after, a video surfaced online of Movado sharing an old plaque he received for his collaboration on DJ Khaled’s album. Fans called out Movado for the move. One Twitter user said, “wonder of Movado know she anuh his album get Platinum…he was just featured in a song on an album that got Platinum…his ong didn’t even make anything… meanwhile Popcaan mixtapes debuted at #2 on the Billboard. Levels to this.”

Apparently, Popcaan and Movado have been beefing for a while. Some speculate it is due to Popcaan’s alliance with Drake and OVO. Drake and Movado had some kind of cordial relationship in the past, but the two apparently fell out, resulting in both putting out diss tracks about each other in September. Popcaan himself has thrown insults at Movado, once calling him the Jamaican version of Meek Mill.