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Spice Urged Nicki Minaj To Keep Her Natural Hair After Seeking Advice

Spice join the Barbz in urging Nicki Minaj to keep her natural hair.

The Queens rapper has experienced quite a few changes over the last couple months, having entered motherhood. Nicki Minaj gave birth to her first child on September 30th, and as she gets used to sleepless nights and changing diapers, it is imagined that she doesn’t have much time to spend sitting at the salon. And so, the “Starships” rapper — who is often spotted with wigs of all hues — has decided to take grooming into her own hands, but first wanted some advice from her Insta followers.

Nicki Minaj posted a photo to the ‘gram in which her luscious natural locks are on display. Also evident is a white-gloved hand, indicating that she was planning to use a chemical relaxant to straighten the strands. “If I perm my hair it’s gon b touchin my booty,” she wrote to her 123 million followers. “Should I perm it yall? Real hair to match my real big ol ghetto booty. Ugh love this for me.”

The answer from the Barbz, and Nicki’s famous friends, was definitive: leave that natural hair the way God intended it! “DON’T do it!!!! Keep it natural!! Look at that gorgeous head of hair!!!” commented Kelly Rowland.

“Keep it natural Queen. The perm damages it, and makes it easier for our edges to go missing,” wrote Spice. “It’s stronger under our Wigs when it’s Natural.” Winnie Harlow, who was crowned America’s Next Top Model during the show’s 21st season, had some style advice for the new mom: “Texturize it! Or use a curl loosing treatment, dnt perm it look at all that volume.”

Unfortunately, Nicki Minaj didn’t show her fans the final result, but we’re sure she looks fabulous whatever she decided.