Megan Thee Stallion Tells Popcaan “Treat My Body Like Oxtail” In “Intercourse”

Popcaan has released another sexy hit for the ladies on Megan Thee Stallion’s new album Good News.

The song “Intercourse” released with the album on Thursday features Megan Thee Stallion and has received 114k views on youtube. It is a mellow sexy vibe reminiscent of the 90s fast-paced R&B music but still has the typical sex symbol persona that Popcaan portrays in his songs.

In the song, Popcaan croons, “gal yuh pu**y good from birth, when you bend it over….Gal yuh full of energy like dancehall concert/ good sex is all you get, I love to see you get wet/ Gyal yuh tight pu**y tiny, yuh vagina so tiny/ Call mi Iphone when you want me, Popskull a f*** yuh grimy, cock it up in the back of the Ferari/ beat up the pu**y mi bruise it…You’re a blessing to my life, baby.”

He continues, “Bad man turn ‘ar round, squeeze ar’ up, long c***ky full ar’ up.”

Megan Thee Stallion comes in with a rap verse- “when it comes to body, nobody not bodying me, mixing weed with the liquor, creating the chemistry/ taking shots, back to back/off the white- Hennesy, I’m about what I say so please do not [talk] to me/ I’m so for real, I came with no panties when he asked me to chill, I gave no f**k about what them other girls saying/ I just wanna know if the d*ck really hanging, you ain’t gotta sugar coat sh*t, lick the sugar on me/ If that’s the case, get the liquor and honey/ body right, p**sy tight come and put it on me/ sending pics to your phone so you’re never lonely.”

At one point, Megan Thee Stallion says, “treat my body like some oxtails lick your fingers.” We know the Jamaicans are having a laugh over that one. One fan said, “mi know Popcaan YYYY meg when she said treat my body like some oxtails” -(@876pilot) with laughing emojis.

Meanwhile, the fans are reacting to the song. @Heykelechi says, “intercourse is definitely my favorite track from #GoodNews. Popcaan and Meg did THAT.”

Another commented, “Popcaan did Jamaica proud on Meg Thee Stallion’s album.”

Yet another said, “Popcaan just makes you wanna make a baby bro.”

Others thought that Popcaan’s part of the song could have been a standalone. @ahsuhhitguhstill noted, “I love Megan don’t get me wrong BUT she definitely ruined intercourse feature popcaan. I’m so sorry. That sh*t is trash. Can Popcaan do a version with his verse alone?”

Popcaan himself has been sharing stories of his fans enjoying the song on his Instagram since the song was released.