Spice Professes Her Love For Her New Boo In New Video “Head”

Spice confessed she is weak to her new man.

Dancehall artiste Spice confesses just how hard she has fallen head over heels in love for a special someone who may or may not be right for her. You can decide your take on the matter after watching her new video, “Head.” There would be no better time to release a song about relationships than now since she only recently confirmed her relationship with her favorite rastaman, Justin Budd.

The two sealed the deal with some cozy and intimate shots from their vaca in Cabo, Mexico. Her fans simply cannot get enough of their romance, however, if the man Spice is singing about in “Head” is a representation of her Cabo vaca partner, there are indeed a few concerns.

In the video, the Love and Hip hop Atlanta reality star is provided with details about her man’s infidelities, to which she responds: “All my friends keep sayin he dont want me he’s playing me, Even if it’s a game, I’m willing to keep playing it
I told them say we break up but he’s on my mind/every morning as I wake up.”

“Me weak to the boy me can’t take it no more / me a mad ova tha boy ya,” she sings before proudly confessing to giving him her mind and soul. “Me gi the boy me head/ him no stop stir up my daily meds, woii the boy bad inna bed so me affi admit the boy have me head.”

Confession is usually good for the soul and obviously views as well, with the song locking in over 30,000 Youtube views within the first 3 hours of its release. Frankie Music handles production while the video is directed and edited by Magical studio. Spice’s dancers also make appearances as the friends who try to inform her of her man’s trifling actions.

You can check out how it all plays out below.