Konshens Says He Is Still Married Despite Wife Saying She Is Single

Konshens says he is still very much a married man despite his wife proclaiming she’s single.

The dancehall hitmaker appeared on Spice It UpSpice’s weekly Magnum Tonic Wine produced show released on Wednesday. However, the artiste refused to go into details of his relationship when asked by Spice if he was in a relationship, replying with a vague “listen, I am married.”

Konshens was speaking to Spice about managing the pandemic as a couple and navigating being together all the time. He said he doesn’t have relationship problems because he is actually in Jamaica while his home with his wife is in Miami, so they do not get to experience the troubles other couples tend to have.

“Listen, first of all, mi deh a Jamaica and mi yaad deh a Miami. So in a sense mi not restricted in that regard. A lot of couples stuck together, working from home together, you start see things in your partner weh yuh never normally experience that. Mi nuh experience that.”

They did have some advice for couples, especially those who are affected financially by the pandemic – “give and take. Understand say this is not happening just in your yard, all of us are human and have our pressure, and you can’t take your pressure and put on somebody else. Be understanding as much as you can.”

The artiste noted that “one of the biggest issues that might be happening is when people start having financial issues, it takes a toll relationship.”

Konshens has been married since November of 2017. However, it seems that his relationship with his wife is at an end. In spite of him saying he is married, his wife has posted over the past weeks that she has been single for months now in her Instagram stories. She also said she didn’t care about the blogs on her page finding news to report on as the couple navigates their troubles.

Meanwhile, Spice also asked the artiste if his sex life has increased or decreased with covid-19 affecting the world. The artiste though realizing it is a trick question, said, “how it fi increase? You never hear I said my yard is in Miami”- referring to his wife being away from him.

Spice was having fun with the questions, though, as she asked if he was locked down like Koffee or roaming wild?