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Gucci Mane Taunts Jeezy With Savage Meme About Dead Friend

Gucci Mane is already talking smack ahead of his Verzuz battle with Jeezy.

It was slightly surprising when it was announced that the two rappers would go head-to-head in the musical showdown as they have a long history of beef. Their feud goes way back to 2005 when Gucci featured a track that they had collaborated on his album after it was assumed that it would appear on Jeezy’s. What followed was diss tracks from both parties and the death of one of Jeezy’s associates for which Gucci Mane was arrested.

The “Wake Up in the Sky” rapper was visiting a friend when four men broke in and threatened to shoot. Some have speculated that it was a hit ordered by Jeezy, who denied any involvement. In response to the attackers, Gucci opened fire and hit one of the men, who was the rapper Pookie Loc who was signed to Jeezy’s label. When a warrant was issued for his arrest, Guwop turned himself in but declared that he was not a murderer and was later acquitted. With just over 24 hours to go until the Verzuz duel, Gucci has brought up Pookie Loc’s death on Insta.

The 40-year-old shared a meme that featured an image from an episode of Court Cam in which a man lunged towards his daughter’s suspected murderer. The picture was captioned with lyrics from Gucci’s track “Truth,” which refers to the shooting, with the man in the photo intended to represent the “MLK BLVD” rapper.

Jeezy has yet to respond to Guwop’s taunt, but perhaps he’ll bring it tomorrow night when they face off in their Verzuz battle at 8 PM ET.