Dancehall Sound Selector Courtney ‘Likkle Wicked’ Boyd dies From massive Stroke

Another veteran of the Dancehall and Reggae world has gone to rest. Courtney ‘Likkle Wicked’ Boyd of the Wicked Machine sound system passed away earlier this week, November 4. According to reports he died after suffering a massive stroke. He suffered a stroke before that, last week, but the one earlier this week was too big for him to survive.

His close friend, selector Ricky Trooper, spoke with Loop News Jamaica about the veteran’s death. “Mi tek this one hard, right now, mi ah talk, water full up mi eye dem,” he said. Boyd is survived by two daughters.

Trooper said that his friend was kind-hearted and dedicated to his craft. He also spoke a bit about their work relationship.

“Mi and him a par from 4 by 4 Exodus days, after him lef, me give him a sound name Delta Force and him launch it to the world,” he said.

He also described Boyd as a motivator and said that whenever he felt down in the dumps, Boyd knew what to say to get him back up and running. He added Boyd always remained positive and this was a source of inspiration to him.

Another popular deejay, DJ Smurf, of the 90’s era also expressed his sadness at the veteran’s passing.
“Ah mi real, real friend like that, from last night mi feel hurt, this one lick close to home. Just this week, I bigged him up on the radio and say speedy recovery on the stroke he got last week,” he said.

He said he was shocked at Boyd’s passing because he was previously discharged last week after suffering a stroke. DJ Smurf added that even though they were sometimes on opposing deejay teams they never disrespected each other and that he will always remember the deejay’s resilience and pioneering spirit.

“When him lef 4 By 4, ah yute name Meggy from Delta Force wanted a selector … and him buss Delta Force and it get famous, and him go on and own and start Wicked Machine,” he added.