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Nicki Minaj Send Love To King Von’s Girlfriend Asian Doll Who Is Devastated

Nicki Minaj is showing King Von’s girlfriend Asian Doll who is devastated about his passing.

Fans of hip hop across the world continue to react to the loss of King Von, the 26-year-old rising rapper who was killed early this morning at around 3 am, outside of a club in Atlanta. Few people have felt the pain of the loss as much as his girlfriend Asian Doll.

Reports indicate that King Von, who was considered one of the most popular rappers on the rise in Chicago, was involved in a shoot-out with Quando Rondo’s crew outside of an Atlanta nightclub. It is believed that he was hit and later died at the hospital and other conflicting reports suggest police were involved in the shooting. Asian Doll took to Twitter to express her sadness. She said: “I wanna die 2 Shid it feel like I’m dead already.”

Still obviously mourning, she posted a few more things on Instagram as she reminisced about better days with her boo King Von.

“Come Hold Me Again Von…. I Can’t Do It Without You I’m Empty I Just Wanna Close My Eyes & Never Open Them Again ?.”

She also spoke about their journey as a couple.

“Been through hell & back & I’ll do it ALL again over & over for centuries? Von you showed me I had a heart I finally found myself & was at peace with myself & everything we was going through I was holding that sh*t down cause we KNEW how the outcome it was gone be okayyyyyy I was gone ride til I died ?….. ima lost soul somebody help me.”

She’s definitely trying to cope with the sudden loss:

“My Sweet Sweet Leo Baby Took Me To Hawaii For My Birthday Dec7th ?? I’ll make him mad & he fake & make videos acting like everything was everything Lmaoooo he was not with that sh*t.”

Rap sensation Nicki Minaj also reached saying: “I’m sure I don’t have the right words but I’m sending my love & praying for your strength, baby girl.”

It must be a tough loss for her, loved ones, and fans, and it will be a long time before anyone comes to terms with this shocking loss.