Update: Video Footage Shows King Von Wasn’t Killed By Atlanta Police

Update: Video footage landed online on Friday showing that King Von was possibly shot and killed by rival gang and not by Atlanta police officers who responded to the melee.

Original story: King Von was reportedly shot and killed by Atlanta police.

Some unfortunate news has surfaced that 26-year-old King Von is dead following a shootout, which apparently involved police at an Atlanta club early this morning, November 6. According to some reports, he was fatally shot by Atlanta police following an altercation with members of Quando Rondo’s crew. According to Urban Islandz sources, a police dispatch audio has allegedly confirmed that King Von was killed by Atlanta police following a shootout with Quando Rondo’s crew. Following an altercation with Quando Rondo and his team outside of an Atlanta nightclub at approximately 3 AM last night, there was a shootout which resulted in the death of two people and other injuries.

According to King Von’s producer, DJ On Da Beat, the young rapper did not survive his injuries after being admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. Unconfirmed reports state that he underwent multiple surgeries but sadly still succumbed to his injuries.

New information has shed some light on what happened, and it has been suggested that he was shot by police. An alleged audio clip of police dispatch in the Chicago area has surfaced on social media.

“Last night in Atlanta, police shot King Von and two of his people. Social media is active with– they’re upset with the police,” said a Chicago-area officer in that same leaked audio.

Another officer also backed up the claim: “There was a police shooting in Atlanta last night, and right now they’re not happy with the police. Use caution out there.”

An Atlanta police officer explains that, “There was an incident where two groups of individuals got into a physical altercation. That physical altercation escalated into an exchange of gunfire with those groups. Two police officers who were working at the particular club noticed the gunfire and engaged some of the people involved. There was an exchange of gunfire with police as well. At this particular time, we have about five individuals who have been shot, two of them are deceased, one is in critical condition, and two are stable.”

Another source, DJ Akademiks, claimed to have a conversation with King Von’s manager, who was also shot but thankfully is recovering in the hospital, who said that the police were not involved in the shooting.

The other person involved, Quando Rondo, has not issued a statement, and his condition has not been confirmed. Condolences go out to a rising talent who surely would have made an impact on the rap game.