Jada Kingdom Confronts Popcaan On Live Over “WiN” Verse

Jada Kingdom confronts Popcaan on Live for not doing a remix for “WiN.”

Jada Kingdom and the Unruly boss Popcaan are definitely what one would consider cordial friends. However, it seems the Unruly Boss may be messing with the dynamic of it all by not quickly finishing up his verse for the remix of Jada’s motivational track “WiN.” Jada spilled the beans on all that was not happening while in the comment section of one of his Instagram LIVE sessions. “Afta mi ask yuh fi remix mi song WIN a dis yuh pull? ok,” wrote the “Heavy” singer in the caption.

Popcaan didn’t actually respond to the comment, and we are unsure if he even noticed it. Based on how personal “WiN” is for Jada, her slight attack of Popcaan is understandable. The song was crafted as a way to ensure that the artiste remained motivated and steadfast on the task ahead.

“Mi create WiN fi remind myself everyday say mi can do this and no matter how much mi fail … all mi did haffi do is get up and try again, cah mi must win one day,” she said in a mini-documentary where she broke down the meaning of the song’s lyrics and how they related to her growing up in St. Thomas. Popcaan also hails from the parish therefore, it’s hard to believe that they would not be able to see eye to eye for the delayed verse.

In all fairness, both artistes have been pretty busy in 2020. Jada Kingdom has gone on to release quite a few tracks such as “Budum,” “Yuh Betta,” “Long Term,” “Warning,” and her latest feature on her boyfriend’s track “Bedroom Bully.”

As for Popcaan, he recently released his FIXTAPE album, which Jada is featured on with “Suh Mi Luv.” Poppy also teamed up with fellow OVO Sound talent Preme for a joint project, and found himself on numerous international remixes with acts such as Jorja Smith, Maroon 5, Dave East, Loski, and a few other acts. Popcaan is also readying a brand new project with the members of his Unruly outfit.

Now that Jada has presumably brought her disgruntlement about the delay to his attention, the verse for her song will finally be moved to the ‘done’ folder in no time.