Beenie Man’s Ex DHQ Carlene Addresses Critics Over Her Sweet Potato Pudding

Beenie Man ex, Dancehall Queen Carlene, is dealing with some harassments on social media over her sweet potato puddings.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out new business ideas from just about everyone, especially those in the music and entertainment industry, which is one sector which is still suffering economically as a result of the shutdown. A reemergence of entrepreneurship in two females as seeming led to the battle of the puddings, at least that is how some social media persons who have dubbed it. It is between ‘Dancehall Queen Carlene Sweet Potato Pudding and Auntie Donna’s ‘Nyam Bad’ Sweet Potato Pudding.

According to some persons, Carlene began copying Donna’s formula for success after noticing that the humanitarian was gaining traction locally and abroad for her baked goods. While not addressing the criticisms directly, Carlene appeared on TVJ’s Smile Jamaica to share her story about how she started making her ‘healthy, sugarless puddings.

“My father was a vegetarian, and so am I. So, I always tried to create stuff for him that had no milk, no cheese, no egg, no anything. I’ve been making these (puddings) since I was about 13, 14 years old,” said Jamaica’s first Dancehall Queen, who reigned during the 1990s and early 2000s. She mentioned that she officially started selling slices of her pudding in 2017 at House of Dancehall but upgraded to whole puddings after continued customer requests.

A few days ago, DHQ Carlene, whose real name is Carlene Smith, took some time from her oven to directly address the hate she has received as a result of her rapidly growing business venture.

“Big up Aunty Donna,” Carlene said as she stepped away from speaking on her shipping options and promotion, to address the burning issue. “She posted my pudding on her page website, I’m not even sure and some of her followers, she says women power you know empower each other/support each other.”

She continued, “The pandemic chooses us to do other things than what we are accustomed to doing and I chose to – based on the orders that I was getting.”

“Some of the followers of Aunty Donna chose to disrespect me – I don’t know them, they don’t know me. You can see a public figure and assume you know who these people are. We still have a private life and guys I’m a person,” Carlene explained to the naysayers. “I would truly appreciate it if you did not come into my DM or on my Instagram page to discuss who I’m following.”

“The world is at large and the cake is big enough for all of us to have a slice and have a successful slice.” The blonde baker mentioned while outlining that persons should have actually highlighted the positives in the allegations. “If I was following Aunty Donna that’s a good step because she is a progressive, successful businesswoman and a humanitarian who looks out for people so I think if I am following her I would be doing a great job. ”

As for the origin of the pudding, she said, “Aunty Donna is not the first neither am I. There was sweet potato pudding that’s from our ancestors – from slavery were making sweet potato puddings and celebrating it as part of our Jamaican-ness and Jamaican culture. ”

You can check out what else Carlene had to say to her “player haters” from the video below.