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YK Osiris Lost It After Fan Told Him Lil Uzi Vert Died

YK Osiris had the worst prank pulled on him while he was streaming live when a fan told him Lil Uzi Vert had died.

Trolls on social media are getting out of hand. What started out as trivial teasing, witty banter and light-hearted jesting has turned into an army of “yes” men ready to just go with it. Misinformation has never been so prevalent and users online have never been so willing to disseminate it. Remember that time Jamaica claimed Rihanna and in no time the star’s nationality saw a change on the internet including on Google and wiki? Well, all it takes is the introduction of an idea and willing participants to keep the narrative going.

While the latest example of the internet going too far did not include reputable businesses and government officials bearing false witness to Rihanna sightings and interactions on Twitter to validate that she is Jamaican (she’s not), this prank was definitely more serious than a little emigrating. “Worth It” singer and rapper YK Osiris was on Instagram Live when the comment section started to pay tribute to Lil Uzi Vert with a flood of R.I.P messages.

Of course, Lil Uzi is completely fine and it was nothing but a cruel joke but YK Osiris had no idea. After the rapper’s reaction to the morbid comments was captured, he left the live stream immediately to clarify the facts. Only he can tell us what he was thinking but it was clear that his heart had just sunk into his stomach by the time he ended the real-time session. Imagine his poor heart racing as he struggled to find the cognitive composure to type just so he could verify that Uzi is in fact still with us.

It’s all a bit extreme if you ask me but are you here for celebrities getting pranked about people dying while they are on Livestream?