Christopher Martin & His Girlfriend Briani Profess Their Love In New Collab “Platinum”

Christopher Martin team up with his girlfriend Briani on new single, “Platinum.”

While speaking to Buzz Magazine last year, Jamaican R&B singer Briani, formerly Brittny, expressed just how difficult it is to carve a space in Jamaica’s music industry. Nonetheless, the singer is not giving up on her dream and has joined forces with one of the hottest managers and production houses on the island Romeich Entertainment, to increase her reach. The difference is quite noticeable in her brand new song and music video titled “Platinum.” The song also features the singer’s beau and baby father, Christopher Martin.

Briani has already set a steady pace with her singles “What’s Good” and “Cuffing Season” and even secured a distribution deal with Sony back in 2018, all under her previous moniker Brittny.

“Platinum” sees the singer working with Romeich and Grammy Award-Winning producer Marlon Easy on the fun, bouncy, love song. “Baby boy you’re amazing/ Nuh mek nobody tell yuh nothing else/ Why you think I want you all for myself?/ Baby, I’m a trophy put me on your shelf,” sing’s Briani on the audio track was initially released back in September.

Martin responds by letting the world know his queen is a cut above the rest. “Baby you a Rolls Royce, dem gyal ah Tiida, mi nuh want nuh drive offa none ah dem,” he sings.

The music video boasts the same type of energy, as both Briani and Martin put what is usually pretty private on display for the world to see. The sultry touches and smooth movement from both during their poolside encounters provide ample evidence of the type of relationship they share off camera.

“Girl child you hot eno, hot eno,.. You a mad me,” Christopher Martin confesses and Briani reciprocates, “Boy me a tell you say you hot eno, hot eno,…and me love you bad eno.”

You can check out the brand new music video below.