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Teejay & UK artiste Richy Forbes Shares Their Stuggles In “Life I’m Living” Video

Teejay link up with UK rapper Richy Forbes in “Life I’m Living.”

Dancehall artiste Teejay has officially crossed over into international territory via his collaboration with Turks & Caicos born, London based rapper Richy Forbes. The track is a reworked version of Forbes’ “Life I’m Living” cut which was originally released last year. Forbes kicks off the track similar to how he did on his original, with him confessions surrounding his rich lifestyle. He details the exact elements of his fast life through his thick London accent, as he flows over a banging trap beat.

The music video shot by the trusted team at Wikid Media helps to sure up the concept of living life on the edge, through the use of cutting-edge drone shots and neat visual elements and transitions. The clip starts out with Forbes on the run from the cops. He makes a narrow escape as his black Benz ultimately pulls up in a disguised holding yard where Teejay is there to greet him.

From here on out Teejay picks up where Richy left off and raises the energy level of the track with a blazing final verse. While the lanky Forbes opted to lay low on the track with a slightly monotonous flow, Teejay brings share excitement by providing varying flows and deliveries.

You can check out some of the lyrics below, as Teejay sings about a mixture of his struggles and how it led him to become a gangster on his moving, albeit short verse.

“Jailhouse man know bout / no concrete a board house when / The rain a fall the roof a leak the bed soak out / When you see a youth a suffer a no nun fi you joke bout / Dawg nyam yuh supper buss you head in front a courthouse.”

You can check out the track below.