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Meek Mill’s Baby Mama Milan Harris Reveals Why He Dumped Her

Meek Mill’s baby mama Milan Harris is dropping some hints why he dumped her.

There is clearly no love lost between Meek Mill and Milan Harris. The pair kept their relationship under wraps for much of the time that they were dating, but Meek let the cat out of the bag that Milan was expecting their child during a Twitter argument with his ex, Nicki Minaj. After that, the fashion designer began posting pics with her rapper boyfriend on the ‘gram, and the couple welcomed their son in May, on Meek’s own birthday.

While their relationship may have been kept hushed, their break-up was not, with the “Otherside of America” rapper announcing their split on Insta. “Me and Milano decided to remain friends and build our child as separate parents,” he wrote. “We still have mad love for eachother but we both came to a understanding!”

Meek Mill claimed that he had made the proclamation so that “social media won’t think we moving wrong,” but his baby mama was far from impressed that he was sharing their personal lives with the world. Milan, who created her own fashion line, Milano Di Rouge, eight years ago, was also extremely offended when someone on IG insinuated that she was nothing more than Meek’s baby mama. Now, the 31-year-old has once again been touched by something someone wrote on the ‘gram.

On a post in which she showed off what she was having for dinner, Milan was asked why the Philadelphia artist would leave her. “Cuz I ain’t s***, I ain’t gon’ be s*** and I don’t have s***,” was her pithy reply. Some speculated whether she had been quoting what she had been told by Meek Mill, leading to the belief that there is bad blood there. The rapper has, however, made public that he supports the mothers of his children, previously replying to a meme that read, “Idk Why My Bm Arguing With N****s & Telling N****s Do You Know Who My Babyfather Is I Am Not Riding For You Sis,” by commenting, “I’m riding for mines.”